The Importance of Social Media Marketing for your Business
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Social media is everywhere. Everyone is on it and it is an extremely effective place of putting you in front of your ideal audience.


But if you aren’t sure of what you are doing then it can take up a lot of valuable time and be ineffective. Time that you could be spending making a difference to your business.


What is effective social media marketing?


Well you need to know who your audience is and where they hang out. Then you need to publish content that is interesting, appealing, entertaining, human and addresses their issues.


But you also need to know how the social media algorithms work. Like with everything digital, you have to cater for the robots as well as for humans.


So for example. If you publish a post on Facebook – how does Facebook know who should see your post? Facebook publishes a zillion posts every minute. They try and put stuff in front of people that the Facebook robots think will appeal. Until recently, you could target your audience based on demographics, location and interests. It now has changed slightly and it is becoming more like Linkedin and Instagram – with hashtags becoming more important.


You also need to show up consistently and you need to have a plan based around your business goals. Making social media work for your business is a process – creating a strategy, testing it and then refining it based on your data analytics insights.


Done properly, social media marketing can bring you huge brand awareness, position you as the expert in your field, significantly increase your leads and sales and for very little investment.


Whether you have no business social media presence or already have a page, Larsen Marketing can help you make social media work better for you. Please get in touch for a no pressure, friendly and helpful discovery call.


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