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Website design templates. Professionally designed, eye catching design and gorgeous use of colours.

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Website design templates. Professionally designed, eye catching design and gorgeous use of colours.

TEMPLATE 1 - website design templates

This template could be used for all sorts of things, it has very nice mellow tones which convey a friendly, inviting atmosphere. 

It could be used as a non profit organisation, pet care, services , for instance.

TEMPLATE 2 - website design templates

A very powerful template, cool dark colours, plenty of effects, unusual layout.

Ideal for people to show their skills – personal bio, talent for hire , for instance.

TEMPLATE 3 - website design templates

Colourful, lively, feminine. A lot of effects to keep you interested.

Suitable for e-commerce selling female orientated products, a beauty blog, health awareness.

TEMPLATE 4 - website design templates

Sophisticated, inviting, eco friendly.

Designed for corporations in mind to push their green credentials .

TEMPLATE 5 - website design templates

Super stylish, dark colours, sophisticated. Well thought out design and very eye catching.

Could be used for any number of things, e-commerce, personal services, portfolio because It will surely make a statement.


Great design, super fun, inviting, youthful, warm.

Suitable for shop, e-commerce, pet lovers? You decide. 


Smart, serious but with a touch of colour and good design.

Corporate websites who want to make a positive young image.


Lovely, sophisticated design. Stylish yet serious, very nice use of colours. As a result, very eye catching website.

Anything health related would be the most obvious use but very nice design that I am sure could be used for other things.


Love this one, one of my favorites! Please take a look at Home pro 3. Stunning design, cool colours. What´s not to love?

Social media experts, marketing maybe? I hope you can find other uses for this one :-).


Pretty in pink. Trully eye catching design. Very well coordinated.

Shop or e-commerce I think for this one.


Eye catching design and bold colours are the new trend for websites. Stand out from the crowd and be remembered.

Suitable for shop or e-commerce.


Contrasting colours and thoughtful design make this website feel alive and fresh.

Suitable for all wellness services – massage, wellness, theraputic .

A special thanks to envato .

By providing these free templates you have given small businesses the chance to have a a cutting edge designed website without the costs. 

Please remember that all these templates are completely customisable so you can adjust it to whatever you want.

There are also many more free and premium website design templates available. So if you cannot see anything you like, get in touch with us at Larsen Marketing. We will find the one that is right for you.