Building connections

christina larsen

I am friendly and passionate about demystifying marketing and using it to help companies grow their business.


I will be your main point of contact but I also work with carefully vetted and talented professionals such as graphic designers, web developers, stand builders and other specialists.

Or I work with your existing in-house or preferred outsourced professionals.

However, all projects are managed and delivered under the expert and watchful eyes of Larsen Marketing.

Larsen marketing has extensive experience which includes marketing beautifully designed Scandinavian furniture in Japan, award winning multi-disciplinary architects in the UK and a hi-fi specialist in Scotland whose sole aim is to bring extraordinary music to your home

Most recently working  in manufacturing as marketing manager for Intouch Monitoring, it is a pleasure to increase the company’s brand awareness and drive sales through digital channels, PR and exhibitions.


If you have an amazing product that there is demand for but you don’t have enough customers it is usually because there is insufficient or ineffective marketing.

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