For all your website design and development needs, based in the UK , we are here to assist you.

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website design and development, based in the UK

website design and development, based in the UK.

Now more than ever an online presence for your business is crucial. The number one place where people will seek out information about your business and your products are your website. Website design and development should therefore be at the forefront of your business strategy.

It is essential for your website to not only stand out from the crowd but be visually captivating and at the same time contain all the information the consumer will be seeking.

Larsen marketing produces professional and optimised websites at competitive prices.

We use the most cutting edge website building tools to so we can include all the latest innovations in your site.

I understand the need for an awesome website
how to go about it?

website design and development, based in the UK

website design and development, based in the UK.

The first thing you need is a theme, an inspiration of what you want your website to look like. This can come from websites you have seen or we have a range of templates that can help in finding the right theme for you and your business.

Colour is very important in a website, as it can set the whole feeling of the website, do  you want it to be relaxing, energetic, serious? So choosing the right colour pallete is crucial. Check these out for some ideas.

The layout, what information do you need to be included? How many pages will you need? Websites can range from a one page to many.

Fonts – fonts will also add character and style  to  your website, one or two different styles is recommended. There are literally hundreds of fonts to choose from. The number one rule is that they should be easy to read. Google fonts here.

Larsen Marketing will help and guide you through all these decisions. Our common aim will be to produce a website that you can be proud of.

take a look at our templates
and get some inspiration

website design and development, based in the UK

website design and development, based in the UK.


Using a template is the most efficient way to get your website up and running. 


  • They are already premade so the design part is done, this is usually the longest and most difficult part.
  • The designs have been made by professional web designers, if you were to ask them to design you a bespoke website they would charge you 1,000´s of pounds just for the design. You get this at no cost.
  • They are still completely configurable so you can change just about anything in them. Just remember to always keep in mind that you want to keep the essence of this design.
  • It´s your job to provide the text and if you want the images, we will insert these into the template to make sure everything is working properly.
  • We will take care of all the technical bits for you. Setting up your website, making sure it´s mobile friendly, setting up your SEO to make sure you start ranking on Google.
  • The best part of this is price – starting at 450 pounds.

once we have built your website it is
just the start of the beginning

website design and development, based in the UK

low cost maintenance plan, that includes way more than just maintenance.

Larsen Marketing is aware that a website needs to be constantly evolving in order to keep customers engaged.

That is why we offer a low cost monthly package that not only covers maintenance but also includes our commitment to keeping your website UpToDate:

  • You want to add a new section to your website. Sure no problem this will be added.
  • You decide after a while the colours in your website are no longer attractive enough. OK we will do that.
  • The fonts need changing – OK we are ready.
  • You think of something after a while that you think will add value to your site – We are here.

I hope you get the picture. We will do our utmost to service all your future needs. In fact we will go futher, If we find a new feature or something that is becoming trendy, we will inform you and ask if you would like it to be added.

website design and development, UK

If you have any doubts or questions please don´t hesitate to get in touch with us. We will be happy to answer all your questions.

Our Process

We will be with you every step of the way, constant communication between us and our client is very important to us to ensure complete satisfaction. 

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