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Online Marketing, Based in the UK.

The Larsen Marketing full service is suitable for businesses who are looking to level up and want a reliable cost-effective marketing department. 

The responsibility of the marketing outcomes will be ours.

We know how difficult it is to create strategic, high quality content while you are busy running your business therefore we will do it for you.

Our full service combines your brand knowledge and our marketing knowledge to create an impactful marketing strategy that puts you where your customers are.








Online Marketing, Based in the UK.

Our 1:1 managed marketing service is suitable for start-ups and scalable businesses who do not have the capacity to manage their marketing alone.

We will work alongside you to create and implement a tangible marketing strategy, with your overall goal in mind.

Through regular communication everyone on your team will be working towards the same goal and celebrating your wins with you. 

Not sure how to find your audience? Fill in our contact form and we will plan a discovery call to help you find the best channels.

Online Marketing, Based in the UK.

Our social media management and PR service includes the setting up, optimisation of your business profile, content creation of up to 2 social media channels.

Every month we wil hold a meeting where we will discuss with you what you want to achieve, and if there are any events or promotions taking place. We then design your content plan, curate and create your social media content, from sourcing quotes to designing graphics.

We decide on the blog/article that month and send it to online and digital publications. 

Monthly analysis and reports are included.

social media management & pr

2 Social Media Channels

Organic growth



the pick & mix



sEO, PPC, Facebook


Online Marketing, Based in the UK.

In this package we help you with what you need help with. Whether it is marketing for an event, producing a brochure, whether you need help with your content, blogging, new product or setting up an email funnel, Larsen Marketing can help.

Online Marketing, Based in the UK.

From telling your brand story to creating a successful e-commerce platform, integrating a portal or adding a webchat plugin, Larsen Marketing is equipped to do it all.

Whatever your business, we custom build and design websites to ensure that your business is seen and your online presence is search engine optimized with high performing keywords.

  • Development of creative branded concept for website
  • Development of websites’ architecture and usability features
  • Consultation with a marketing manager to discuss website strategy and key objectives
  • Home page design mock-up
  • Layout design

website development &




ONLINE MARKETING UK. if you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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We will be with you every step of the way, constant communication between us and our client is very important to us to ensure complete satisfaction. 

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