20 reasons to hire a social media manager


#1 Its a jungle out there.

What platform should you be on? What does the latest update mean? How do we know which insights to look at? Luckily a social media manager will know when to post, where to post it, what to say, what the insights mean and how to tweak their strategy based on the latest stats and updates.


#2 It’s not your priority.

If your social media is often at the bottom of your to-do list then rest assured that a freelance social media manager will always have the time to do your social. It won’t be an after thought or a last minute random posting of something on the run, instead it will be strategically planned and part of a long term growth plan.


#3 You need to go beyond brand awareness.

A good social media marketer will understand the different types of content your business needs, and will be sharing them all in conjunction with a defined strategy to go beyond raising brand awareness for your business.


#4 You are too emotionally invested.

Your social media manager won’t be emotionally involved, which will allow them to make more rational decisions about your marketing, especially when responding to snarky comments or trolls, which can be tricky when you need to respond without damage your brand.


#5 Social media marketing is not an admin task.

Read that again.

As The Social Giraffe points out, your customer has the power to tell all their friends about you, or slag you off on social media. So customer experience is really important and is a major part of your social media marketing.


 #6 The good old days are gone.

Engagement is key on your social platforms, the days of posting and praying for comments are well and truly over.  Your social media manager will be actively engaging with people to grow your audience and build that know, like and trust factor that eventually turns into sales.


#7 You care about the planet.

Hiring a freelancer is environmentally friendly!  And we all want to save the planet right?!  Working with a freelancer means no commute, no additional office space etc. so a far lower carbon footprint overall.


#8 You are not an expert.

Would you service your own car?  Cut your own hair? No didn’t think so!  So when thinking about your own business it should make perfect sense to outsource your social media marketing to an expert too.


#9 They can save you money! 

That’s right SAVE YOU MONEY!  Your social media manager will know how to harness the power of paid traffic and can help you to increase your return on ad spend, and reduce your advertising costs rather than boosting random posts and hoping for the best.


#10 Increased PR opportunities.

There are tons of PR opportunities on social media and a good social media manager will be able to respond to those on your behalf so you can grow your reach even further than your current platforms.  Your social media manager might be the key to getting your business featured in the media.


#11 They can get eyes on your content.

Social media managers know which apps to use to create the most scroll stopping content, and many offer content creation as part of their services.


#12 Crisis management.

…who wouldn’t want to outsource that!   Court & Spark Communications recently handled what could have been a PR disaster when a journalist tweeted something untrue about her client and was retweeted by a major celebrity.


#13 To get into their network.

Freelance social media managers often work as a network to help your business to grow further so by working with one you are often able to benefit from others connections too.


#14 Influencers are key.

Social media managers, like South West Social Media will identify influencers for your brand and will work strategically to harness their power to amplify your message.


#15 You don’t really want an agency… trust us on that!

Freelance social media managers are not big agencies, and that’s a GREAT thing.  It means they aren’t juggling 10 clients and only working traditional office hours and are as invested in your success as you are.


#16 They can keep you on top of your game.

Your social media manager will have the time to research the latest industry information, be creative and create compelling content.  They’ll also be investing in the tools and skills to ensure they are able to offer you the very best service possible.


 #17 You hate social media!

Social media managers actually like being on social media!  If you are someone who hates Facebook, doesn’t ‘get’ Twitter and doesn’t always want to be on your phone then outsourcing your social is a no-brainer.  Social media managers live for social media… and their phones are pretty much glued to their hands!


#18 To beat your competitors.

Your social media manager will be looking to your competitors, the industry experts and influencers to understand what works and will be able to use that knowledge strategically to grow your business.


#19 Faster response times for your customers. 

People want answers before they buy, but they won’t wait long for it before they go and get answers elsewhere and buy from someone else. Having a social media manager who monitors your platforms, responds to comments and messages and gives people the answers they need quickly will help stop them going elsewhere.


#20 You need to focus on the things that make you money.

Having a social media manager on our team has allowed us to free up some time to focus on the things we really needed to do to make our business work… and to make money.



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