What is website content for SEO?
website content for SEO


Getting traffic to your website especially at the beginning is hard. Even if you have a beautiful website full of appealing products or services. If no one visits your website no one will know about it. What if there was a no cost way of getting website traffic? Wouldn´t that be great? This is where website content for SEO comes in. It means that all your content in your website is maximised for SEO. What is SEO? It is Search Engine Optimisation.

website content for seo

If your website content is maximised for SEO then Search Engines (think Google) will choose your website as a suggestion when a person on Google searches for a certain thing. How to go about this? How can you make your website content be maximised for SEO?

Keyword Phrase

Each page or blog in your website must have a Keyword Phrase. This is the phrase that you will tell Google that if a person searches for this term your website should be on their suggestion list. However, this is where the problem lies, there are many Keywords that are extremely popular and therefore it would be very hard to show up on a search as big companies spend a lot of money to be at the top of the search suggestions. So what can a small website with limited money for advertising do? The answer is Keyword Research.

Keyword Research

You can find many sites that will offer a free service where you can input a Keyword phrase and it will tell you various statistics about it, for example, how many times per month has this keyword been used by people using Google and they also give you a difficulty rating if you want to rank in that keyword. I use H-supertools. It will also give you suggestions for alternative Keywords.

We will use this article as an example. I wanted to write an article about SEO but as you can imagine this is a very hot topic, so if I had used the keyword SEO I would have never ranked in a Google search. What I did was researched alternative key phrases that included SEO and I found this one. Website content for SEO. This has a much smaller volume of people searching for this, 210 people per month in the UK search this term but for a small website like mine that is more than enough and crucially it is rated as easy to get ranked.

Website Content for SEO

You have your Keyword Phrase so what´s next?

Make a catchy title that draws the audience.

Write a metadata that further draws the audience in.

Your introduction.

An introduction should have what is called a “hook”. You detail a problem that a reader will have, and you offer a solution. Look at my introduction I wrote, I identified a problem the reader might have, and I offered a solution.

The main content.

Above all your content should provide useful and valuable information to the reader. This is for two reasons. One, it will keep the reader engaged for longer (they will keep reading the article). Secondly, the reader if content with this article may read some of your other articles.

The Conclusion.

A lot of readers specially if it is a long article will after a while scroll to the bottom of the article to read the conclusion. Making a great conclusion may get the reader to retrace his steps and go back and read the rest of the article.

Getting Help.

There are a lot of things that affect the SEO of an article (or a website page) I use WordPress to make my websites and it has a free plugin called Yoast. This is one if not the best SEO help software as it will analyse your whole article and make recommendations regarding how to improve your SEO. Whatever website builder you use they should have an SEO helper or analyser, make good use of it as it is very important.

You also need to write articles that are relevant to your website, please read this article to get some ideas and inspiration.

I hope you have found this article useful to you. SEO is a complicated subject, but I hope I have answered some important questions that you might have had. I believe Keyword Research is an essential part of SEO. Specially if you are just starting out, so make sure you research and understand it.

Thank you from larsen marketing


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