An online presence is no longer a nice-to-have. It’s a need-to-have.
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COVID-19 is teaching us some hard lessons, and the businesses that learn quickly are those that’ll stay in business.

Online shopping was growing well before COVID came along but it was dominated by the big established online stores (Amazon, Tesco, Argos).

However now we have a situation where all businesses whether big or small will have to compete for sales in the new environment of the digital world.

In the digital landscape, your business can thrive amidst social distancing orders and mandatory shop closures. An online presence empowers you to engage customers, make revenue, keep workers employed, and ultimately keep your business alive—pandemic or no pandemic.

Businesses who already had an online presence before COVID-19 have a huge advantage. However if this is not the case with you, then it´s time to play catch up. Below, we will show you how a digital presence will help your business flourish during the current crisis and into the post crisis.

keep your customers engaged and up to date

Keep your customers informed, high quality communication is vital. In order to maintain relationships with your customers, keep them informed of what is going on with your business during these uncertain times, but be aware of communication fatigue.

Quality communication is the key here. Don´t just send random emails to your customers just because every business is doing it.

interact with customers on their domain.

People´s movements are restricted so the table has turned, instead of them going to you, you have go to them. Where are people spending most of their time now? At home and what are they doing at home? They will be spending a large part of their time online, searching for things online, going through their social media channels, texting. This is where you need to be because this is where the people are.

create (or update) your website.

If you don´t have a website yet, get one. Invest time and money into it as the initial investment will be very small compared to having an actual  physical shop and keeping a website running also costs a very small amount. Remember there is huge competition out there so the better it is the better chance you have of engaging customers. 

If you already have a website take a good hard look at it compared to your competitors. Is it still fresh and exciting? When was the last time it was updated? This could be an excellent time to introduce e-commerce.

the future is online.

This is the most important message in this post, rememember the future is online.

Covid was a rude awakening for all societies in countless ways. It showed great deficiences in our government system our social system and our health system.

It also may have caused a structural shift in how humans behave and consume. Where before there were many people before that were wary of buying online this has been completely erased out of necessities and people are seeing the many benefits of buying (and working) from home.

We are here to help you.

Larsen Marketing is here to provide you with all the assistance you will need to get your presence online. From setting up your website to marketing your online site, we are commited to offering the best services to achieve your online goals.

this is where you have to be ONLINE


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