Can I build my own website?


can i build my own website?

The answer to that question is yes you can.

Anyone who has spent a little time researching this topic will have come across a large amount of website builders. These promise a website can be yours virtually for free with a small amount of time and effort.

So is this true? I will be diplomatic and say it´s misleading. If you have ever tried to build your own website you will know exactly what I am talking about. 


The most important thing you will need if you want to make your own website is time and lots of it. Depending on your skill level and “how good you are with computers” it will require months of first studying the software you are going to use, learn how to use it and then actually building your website.

The truly good news is that today you don´t  need to know about the dreaded “coding” to make your website. Make no mistake however, these website builders are very complex. In order to get the best from them you will need to learn a lot.

pacience and willingness

I guarantee you will spend countless hours or even sleepless nights trying to work out something about that you want to do in your website that you can´t seem to do. You will search through many you tube videos, scour the internet for that one thing that you want to do. This will happen many times.

Personaly I view these things as a challenge and will happily seek the answers to my questions as hours slip by unnoticed. Once the answer is found a deep glowing sense of satisfaction will seep thru me.

are you qualified to do this?

By qualified I don´t mean do you have qualifications in computer studies (although as you can imagine this is no bad thing) or something similar but you need to be as computer literate as possible. Before I started building websites I had never done one but I had done plenty of other things with computers. This allowed me to learn and absorb the requirements and information much more quickly than most other people I suspect.

the pricing catch

All website builders advertise the free version of their builder. However these companies need to make money as you can imagine. So the free version is “limited” in it´s functions and/or might have other compromises. Then they will offer upgraded plans which are not free (prices vary) that offer much more functionality and will enable you to make a better, more attractive site. These plans are usually charged annually so be prepared to pay an annual fee if you want to keep your site up to date. This is where a professional website builder will have an advantage. They will have the best version of the product and therefore you would not have to pay for it.

Are you a good designer?

Learning how to build a website is one thing. Just as importantly the website needs to look attractive, it needs a cohesive design. Do you have this particular talent? Of course you can take inspiration from other websites and usually there are templates available to help you get started but this is something very important that you will need to be able to do. 

so what are the benefits of hiring someone to build a site for you?

If you  have read the above the benefits will seem obvious. The website builder will free up all the time that you will need to learn to make a website. As they are more experienced they will be able to provide a much higher quality website than you would be able to produce yourself. They will also be able to produce a website much quicker.

That is not to say you will be free of all obligations. far from it. The website builder will needs your input on the style you want your  website to be. You will also be required to provide the content for the site i.e. the text. The web builder will not know your business so it´s up to you to provide the information in order to add the content.

Of course the main sticking point will be the price you will be charged. Prices will vary widely not only by how big and complex your website is going to be but also who builds it.

If you want the best value for money, go to a small company or freelancer (Like us 😊). We have very small overheads and therefore can offer the lowest prices. Check out more about this service (here).

final words

First of all thank you for taking the time to read this post. I sincerely hope that you learnt useful things here. 

I will be posting more articles on website building and design.  Please subscribe to this website or our social channels so you will not miss any of them. I will try my best to add quality content that will hopefully further your knowledge.


In the resources page of this website you will find a download “The Fundamentals of Website Design“. This is completely free and will explain to you the most important elements of Website Design.

Thank you from larsen marketing


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