Website Design…..A Very Sad Tale
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A very sad tale......

Personally, I find it sad and disappointing when I come upon a website by chance or told by a friend to look at this site for some reason or other and it feels like I have been transported back in time. Website design is evolving at a very rapid pace. A website can start to look old very quickly.

Today, we are so used to technology being so UpToDate. That we assume the norm in everything technology related must be the latest and the best there is to offer.

And then you come across these websites that seem to have been built 15 years ago and never touched again. Or maybe they are only 5 years old? Who can tell but they already look ancient. This is not the impression you want to give to your potential clients. Technology evolves so fast that our perception of what is cool, interesting, or modern changes very quickly.

some very good news!

I remember a long while ago. Maybe fifteen years ago, When the company I was working for at the time ordered their first ever website. I remember the weeks of planning. The formal meetings. The eye watering prices. It took months to make but as far as I remember the final product was nice.

The good news is that that is all in the past now. You can get a website with excellent design quickly, cheaply and with a small effort IF you find the right person to do it for you.

This is where it gets tricky because if you do some research you will find huge differences in pricing when it comes to website design and development. Some gentlemen in places like Fiverr will offer you a fully functional website for next to nothing. At the other end you have high end website development companies. These will charge you thousands and thousands of pounds.

the middle ground

If you have researched you have probably already decided that the first one is too good to be true (and it is trust me) and at the other end your budget will simply not allow it.

what we can offer you

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We are a small company but with great dedication.

I was lucky enough to live and work in Japan for 15 years and in that country customer satisfaction is everything. That has rubbed off on me, so when I say I will make the best website that I can make for you, this is exactly what I mean.

We have a lot of patience, I understand that you have a business to run, I understand that you are not that tech. savvy. I will work around those limitations to ensure that you receive a product that both of us can be proud off.

I am actually fortunate because I love making websites and I hope that will show in my work.

We also offer for a small monthly fee a maintenance package. This not only makes sure your website is running smoothly. We will also make changes for you to keep your site looking fresh and UpToDate. You want to add a F.A.Q section? No problem. After a year you feel the colours are starting to look dated? We will take care of it. In fact I will keep you posted about any new developments (or the new in things to have) and if you want them added we will add it for you. We will keep your website fresh and exciting and you will keep increasing the content and value of your site through blogging.

To find out more of what we offer please click here.

If you have any doubts about the importance of having an UpToDate website, this article is very thorough.

thank you for reading! larsen marketing


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