Christmas time

Welcome to our advent calendar. Every two days from Dec 1st -24th, there will be an easy and actionable step to get you started on your marketing plan. Behind each picture below there will be a code. If you collect all the codes, you will receive a prize. The prizes will range from a free audit, a month of social media management, a content planning brainstorming session or a downloadable marketing plan template. So make sure you save those codes.

advent calendar, 12 steps to better marketing

Day 23 and 24

Analyse and Review. Look at your Google and social media analytics. Have a look at the pages your audience visited on your website. See what posts got the most engagement, what posts sent the most visitors to your website and what was the most successful at converting them.

This should inform you of what your next steps are. What you should do more of and what you should change or look into.

I hope this helped and if you have collected all the token numbers, get in touch and claim your prize!

today´s code is.......

HC 20

today´s code is.......

CC 23

SW 32

KJ 39

WS 89

TE 21

SK 37

GH 45

TI 92

HC 20

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